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Our Vision

Our Vision

TinyHope Land Use

Property Vision
Tiny Hope plans are to establish multiple homes within a campus consisting of both boys and girls homes and will also include an administration building, counseling center, chapel, music department, athletic center, barn, equestrian program, livestock, and farming center. An open, natural setting offers our children countless recreational opportunities including music worship, fishing, horseback riding, and organized athletics. The loving care of live-in houseparent couples will be supported and enhanced by professional, on-site counselors. A ranch manager will teach self-reliance and personal pride through farm work. Recreational experts will manage aquatic, equestrian, and sports activities, while volunteers will contribute in a variety of important ways.

Stable Environment
Tiny Hope will provide a stable environment modeling healthy Christian family relationships and incorporating Christian principles into all aspects of daily living. This helps the children learn healthy, new ways of relating to each other. Each home will be uniquely constructed to avoid an institutionalized setting. Homes are built for a maximum of 12 children and 2 house parents. In many cases, children’s circumstances will necessitate their placement at Tiny Hope through high school graduation. This long-term placement provides a window of opportunity in which healing and change can occur. Regardless of the reason a child is placed, healing begins in the home. Tiny Hope will provide what many foster homes cannot—a campus where siblings may remain together.

Family Atmosphere
Each family will work together, play together, and attend a local church weekly. Tiny Hope’s children will attend a school that is best suited to each child’s individual needs and abilities. Community interaction is strongly encouraged through activities such as youth groups, school activities, sports, and community volunteer efforts. Tiny Hope will also have a working farm. Each child will have chores and responsibilities both at home and on the Ranch.

When our children graduate high school, some will enroll in college or technical/vocational schools. Some will enlist in the armed forces and some will join the work force. Those needing additional support may move into our Transitional Home. This future structure will be similar to that of a dormitory or apartment complex. This program is an extension of our after-care or Life Skills Program.

501c3 Status
We have obtained our 501c3 Non Profit status.